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he Precinct Committee

The Mannering Park Precinct Committee was established in August 2009 to help service the needs of the community, and the area, through a closer linking of funding allocations by council with the community requirements.  The Mannering Park Precinct Committee subsequently became an incorporated association in March 2014 following council's decision to abolish the Precinct concept in Wyong Shire.

The Precinct Committee meets at 7PM on the third Monday of the month, excluding January, in the community hall.

The Mannering Park Precinct secretary is Sue Murray who can be contacted by post at PO Box 7061 Mannering Park 2259 or by email at

The Mannering Park Precinct Committee Incorporated was established to:

a)  encourage the involvement of all residents in the decision making processes of Council to enhance the amenity of the area;

b)  improve communication between Council and its residents;

c)  improve the quality of Council's decisions and actions and thus strengthen Council's representation of the community;

d)  provide a vehicle for information to freely flow between Council and the community.

e)  encourage social interaction within the community to establish participation and pride in local areas.


Held at the Mannering Park Community Hall 7pm, 3rd Monday in each month 2018 Calendar

19th February (1st meeting in the year)

19th March 

16th April

21st May

18th June

16th July

20th August

17th September

15th October

19th November

17th December


Since the first meeting to form the precinct on 7th July 2009 (attended by over 100 residents) The monthly meetings attract attendances of 20 - 40 residents.

Membership of the Mannering Park Precinct Committee Inc. is $5 P.A. and entitles members to vote on any motions put at meetings. Attendance is voluntary and at the conclusion of each meeting (between 8.30 and 9.00pm) a supper is served and provides opportunities for social interaction and relaxation.

Residents are kept informed by personally receiving the minutes of the meetings they attend.

Considerable community input into key issues underpins any ongoing action.

All community groups, sporting bodies and businesses have been approached and invited to attend the meetings. As well as Councillors, and at times, the state member for Swansea, This provides a forum where the community can be informed and give feedback to local and state government.

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